For many, surgery is the most effective way to lose weight and reduce the risk of health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Rush offers several surgical options for weight loss and our staff will work with you to choose the safest and most effective option for your individual needs. Weight loss surgery might be a good choice for you if …

  • You have a BMI, or body mass index, of at least 40, or a BMI of at least 35 plus an obesity-related disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • You have tried to lose weight using other methods and they have not worked.
  • You are committed to making the changes necessary for long-term success. Surgery is only the beginning of the weight loss journey. To lose weight and keep it off — which most bariatric surgery patients are able to do — you will have to commit to making healthy choices.

Scheduling a consultation will help you better understand your weight loss surgery options, the requirements before a procedure and what to expect after surgery.


To schedule an appointment with a Rush weight loss expert, call (888) 352-7874.


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